Capturing our Coast: An innovation in marine citizen science

From 2015-2018 the CoCoast project trained almost 3,000 members of the public nationwide to gather data to help us understand in more detail the species that live on our coasts.



"We are incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm and contributions of our volunteer community. Your skill and conservation capacity as a national community is hugely valued and we don’t want to lose this. We intend to build on our collective successes to forge ahead with a second phase of this project, which for purposes here, we refer to as ‘CoCoast 2’. We hope you will continue to work with us and that your experience so far has been positive …"
Dr Jane Delany, CoCoast Principle Investigator, Newcastle University


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For three years, training events, volunteer support and engagement was conducted from seven university, research and conservation organisations around the country. Other organisations brought expertise on science, policy and volunteer engagement to the project.

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A number of other organisations bring expertise on science, policy and volunteer-experience to the project.

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