The CoCoast Microlives project is now LIVE, and we need your help processing the hundreds of photographs our volunteers have taken over the last three years!

Our new online project, Blame it on the Barnacles, asks you to count and identify barnacles in photographs taken by CoCoast volunteers, to provide an indication of how climate change might be affecting our coastline. The project is hosted by Zooniverse, an online portal through which anyone can take part in citizen science projects from their computer.

"Sea shore barnacles are sensitive indicators of responses to ocean climate change. Warm-water species increase and cold-water species decrease with warming. This project will help identify the mechanisms that drive these responses to climate."
Professor Mike Burrows, Scottish Association for Marine Science (CoCoast Scotland).

There are three mini projects to get stuck into - In 'Guess Who' you can identify the barnacle species; 'It's a barnacle' lets you hunt for baby barnacles hiding in the image and finally, 'Life's a beach and then you die...’ asks you to count the dead barnacles.

Follow the link to take part in the project!