Between 23rd and 29th March, the GB Non-Native Secretariat ran a national Invasive Species Week, to which CoCoast decided to help add to the search in the marine environment!


Although tides (and weather!) weren't brilliant around the country for the majority of the week, we amounted over 100 searches nationally with many new confirmed sightings of Marine Invaders!


Results from Invasive Species Week:

  • 13 new surveyors in March, adding up to a total of 83 people uploading Marine Invaders data nationally.
  • Number of individual timed surveys: 132 conducted in March (+315 previously recorded) totalling 447 searches to date.
  • Total number of confirmed sightings: 32 recorded in March (+32 previously recorded) totalling 64 confirmed sightings to date with images verified.
  • Total number of probable sightings: 5 recorded in March (+4 previously recorded) totalling 9 probably sightings to date where no images have been provided.


We have been really amazed with the results and all of your efforts!

Below shows an updated map of all presence and absence records from Marine Invaders 10 minute timed searches all around the UK (not finding something is of course just as important to record as a confirmed sighting!).


Of course, going out and searching for invasives species as part of our marine Invaders 10 minute timed searches also gives you the opportunity to look for other fabulous native species that reside on rocky shores, sandy beaches or artificial substrates (such as harbours)... don't forget - you can help us continue the search for Marine Invaders whenever and wherever you would like!



The cushion star, brittlestar and Edible Crab above were found during a CoCoast Marine Invaders Search at Meadfoot Beach on the 31st March.



Head to our website to download everything you need to get started (click here), or join your local CoCoast team at their next open event; click here for more details of events near you.


Finally, a massive THANK YOU to everyone that got involved last month... keep up the good work! laugh