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Species package surveys:

Last updated: 26th October 2018

Number Registered 5,478

Number trained 2,862

Number of data points 275,661

Number of survey days 1,710

Number of transects/quadrats 2,772 / 22,411

The species packs were developed to potentially provide useful data for future policy work and some have already been used in local Biodiversity Action Plans. All data will be verified by CoCoast staff and made publically available on the National Biodiversity Network Atlas. We also intend to publish some of our findings in scientific journals. We have produced a project report which details some of the initial findings and updates from all regional hubs.

Results so far...


Interesting finds


First ever record of the Toothed crab (Pirimela denticulata) on the east coast of England for 20 years!

Beautiful stalked jellyfish have been found at Boulmer (North East) and Port Cwyfan (North Wales)

First record of a Xaiva biguttata crab in the UK since 1956

Thank you to all the cocoasters that have contributed to the project!