Hello North East Volunteers and a warm welcome to our latest recruits!

We are excited to announce that CoCoast has a calender full of interesting events and experiments to get involved in across the country. As trained volunteers, you have access to all these wonderful events that CoCoast has to offer including Support  Days, Jellywalks, Bioblitzes, Wine and Science Evenings and other exciting events. You are free to attend any CoCoast event regardless of location - so if you're on holiday elsewhere in the UK and find yourself close to another hub, feel free to look up their calender and the CoCoast team would be delighted to have you!

To find out further information about the events or to book a place, please use the calenders located on the regional hub pages. Details for events in the North East can be found in the calender to the right, or if you have any queries concerning our North East events please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing cocoast@newcastle.ac.uk or calling 01912 083058. Booking is essential for all events.

If interested, you can also try your hand at a few of our smaller and additional CoCoast experiments such as 'Bird Food' or 'Breeding Frenzy'. More information can be found under the 'Specific Investigations' title on the Resources page on this website or in the 'Experimental Questions Catalogue' provided on the Training Day. Each experiment has a different number of positions open to volunteers and require varying levels of commitment. Volunteers can let us know they are interested or ask us further questions by contacting us on the contact details above.   

We hope you will be able to join us for some fun by the sea!

CoCoast North East